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gnn at gnn at
Sat May 27 19:17:04 PDT 2006

Am I allowed to call this a tempest in a teacup?

There, I just have.

While I think that there have been some very good points made both
ways, I believe that since the documentation will be generated only by
people who are using the system, and will not appear on line, or in a
manual, that we do not need to worry about this.  It is, IMHO, easier
to go through and mark things up AFTER we have them visible and so
visibility should be the first goal.  Since there is, as far as I
know, no other or better tool for this job I suggest we go with what
we have and begin to mark things correctly now.  Having everything by
default internal, IMHO, leaves us just where we were before, lots of
twisty little APIs all undocumented.

My $0.02.


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