cvs commit: src/sys/nfsclient nfs_bio.c nfs_vnops.c

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Wed Apr 19 15:23:30 UTC 2006

* Mohan Srinivasan <mohan_srinivasan at> [060418 09:56] wrote:
> Alfred,
> If the operation times out because the server rebooted (or because
> of a network glitch), rather than losing data, the client can 
> potentially have the data written out successfully later. 
> Other NFS client implementations (at least the Solaris client)
> re-dirty pages on soft mount timeouts.

Ok, I just wanted to be sure that we weren't turning soft mounts
into hard mounts.  The only problem though is that you have
a weird failure mode now where the OS reports failure however
it may later succeed, I think this is OK, esp if Solaris does
it, but it is interesting.

Seems OK, Thanks for clarifying!


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