cvs commit: src/sys/nfsclient nfs_bio.c nfs_vnops.c

Mohan Srinivasan mohan_srinivasan at
Tue Apr 18 16:53:53 UTC 2006


If the operation times out because the server rebooted (or because
of a network glitch), rather than losing data, the client can 
potentially have the data written out successfully later. 

Other NFS client implementations (at least the Solaris client)
re-dirty pages on soft mount timeouts.


--- Alfred Perlstein <alfred at> wrote:

> >   Log:
> >   MFC src/sys/nfsclient/nfs_bio.c,v 1.154
> >   and src/sys/nfsclient/nfs_vnops.c,v 1.262 (by ps@):
> >   
> ...
> >    - Treat ETIMEDOUT as a "recoverable" error, causing the buffer
> >      to be re-dirtied. ETIMEDOUT can occur on soft mounts, when
> >      the number of retries are exceeded, and we don't want data loss
> >      in that case.
> Actually that's the documented behavior, if the mount times out,
> one will lose data.
> What does this do?  Leave the buffer dirty/held until forcefully
> unmounted?  I guess that sort of makes sense, can someone explain
> a bit better?
> -- 
> - Alfred Perlstein

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