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In message <20050809172444.GA2274 at>, Jens Schweikhardt writes:

>	Hitler used methods against white men in Europe, which by tacit
>	agreement between the cultural European nations were only to be
>	used against the coloured.
>			-- Poul Henningsen [1894-1967]
>	%
>This is clearly racist in my world. I have no doubt about this quote's
>offensiveness. Moving it is 100% justified.

If you for a moment disregard the H-word which clearly gets your
knickers in a twist, you will notice that the quote accuses all the
"cultural European nations" of committing crimes against colored
people and of doing so complicitly and knowingly.

That European countries, en-banc were racist until after second
world war is a matter of record, there is no dispute about that.

The quote above is *attacking* that racism, not advocating it.

The first quoute, being as it seems a literal quote from a historical
figure, is no more illegal in Germany than the testimony from they
Nüremberg trials are.

What is banned in Germany is advocacy, history is not banned, and
in particular, teaching history is not banned.

The third one is self-irony, I've heard it myself from Jewish friends
and while that context might missing, it is certainly not offensive
just because it uses the H-word.

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