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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Fri Aug 22 07:32:42 UTC 2008

"Simon L. Nielsen" <simon at> wrote
  in <20080818153942.GH1172 at>:

si> I have no general problem with merging www and doc closer (might be
si> done while considering moving to svn?) and fully requiring having both
si> for build of either, but having e.g. www/en as a deep subdir of doc/
si> seems like a rather bad idea to me.
si> The web site and and doc/ are rather differnet beast wrt. how you
si> write content so I see no problem having it in seperate top level
si> directories.

 I agree with characteristics of www and doc are different from each
 other, but I personally feel there is almost no difference between
 having them in two separated dirs and having them in a dir.  The
 reason why I like to have www in a subdir of doc is only for simplify
 the current build complexity due to the separated repos, so I am
 wondering how other people feel for having www in a subdir like

si> Generally, I think it would be neat (and I looked a bit of doing it a
si> few years ago), but I must say I'm not sure if doing it is really
si> worth the trouble compared to just making sure we don't have
si> duplication of the information.  That said, if somebody does it I'm
si> certainly not generally against it (considering my below point).
si> For some parts of our current site I think some of the XSLT magic is a
si> bit to magic and hard to understand, so I'm a but conserned going too
si> much further in that direction...

 Yes, I also think we should be careful about that.  I will send a
 patch to -doc before committing for discussing the implementation.

| Hiroki SATO

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