[Bug 233324] x11/libX11: Remove unnecessary perl5 dependency

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Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 01:54:21 +0000

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--- Comment #13 from Kevin Bowling <kbowling_at_freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Niclas Zeising from comment #10)
There seems to be some kind of misunderstanding that would best be fixed by
anyone wanting to have an opinion looking at the software's build process and
artifacts before commenting further.

jbeich did this for swills and the ticket was ignored for a year.  As a native
English speaker what Jan said makes clear sense to me and he is not saying
anywhere the patch is incorrect.  Instead it's uncontroversial evidence the
dependency is frivolous in our build.  He also documented his approach, which
is a better way to progress PRs like this:  rg is ripgrep which is a life
changing tool for developers and maintainers.  Try it, it's great.

(In reply to Michael Gmelin from comment #12)
The port as it stands will never run 'make check', a specific bsd.port.mk
feature would be needed to hit a target like that and it is not present. 
Again, jbeich clearly documented the lack of use so the only issues are
imagined and not factual.

There's no disrespect, it's getting the job done if there's a trivial PR this
old without followup and a correct fix with multiple developer's eyes on it.

Time to move on there are much bigger fish to fry and this patch was integral
from the beginning.

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