Re: Intel iwlwifi driver & firmware update in CURRENT

From: <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2022 12:08:23 UTC
> Hi,
> I've only had 1 feedback privately this week. I assume everyone is
> excited with 13.1-R ;-)
> In case you give this a try please drop me an email, also if the
> status-quo hasn't changed. It would be good to hear before MFCing
> everything.
> Thanks and a blssed weekend and week ahead to everyone,
> Bjoern


If you can tell me the hashes of commits to cherry-pick for stable/13 I might be able to do a build tonight on my AX201 (no promises tho).

I havenĀ“t had time to follow development on HEAD and stable/13 for a few weeks (honestly, ever since iwlwifi stopped working with my WiFi at work). I don't want to run the risk of cherry-picking the incorrect stuff (or missing dependencies).

~ J