[rtw88] What is the current status?

From: Daniel_Pérez <steew0x8_at_protonmail.com>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2022 11:13:50 UTC
First of all thank you Bjoern and anyone that has contributed to iwlwifi and all the work that you have done.
I've been following this list semi-closely since November, but I haven't had the possibility to test rtw88 until now.
Yesterday I updated my system to latest STABLE, having read that iwlwifi had already been MFC'd to upstream. But I have no clue where did rtw88 go, as only if_iwlwifi.ko is appearing in /boot/kernel.
Has rtw88 support been dropped, am I missing the kernel file, or should I do any other procedure to build it? I am willing to test.

Thank you sincerely,