Re: Contributing the build of a KVM image

From: Pete Wright <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2024 00:28:02 UTC
On 1/29/24 14:41, Jo Durchholz wrote:
> Hi all,
> where do I turn to if I want to contribute to the FreeBSD 
> build/release process so that a KVM image will be built?
> This is not actually about virtualization per se but about the 
> build&release process, so I guess I'd be wrong here.

I'd suggest filing a bug first, along with a patch if you have one:

depending on the complexity of changes developers may ask for you to 
start a review in phabricator:

if you'd like to get more eyes on this it may be worth sending a message 
to freebsd-hackers@ or freebsd-current@



Pete Wright