Dockerfile to Bastille interpreter/translator

From: Alejandro Imass <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 10:27:09 UTC
I understand there's an ongoing effort to support Linux Docker images
"natively" through amd64 translation layer to the FBSD kernel. I think that
is a great endeavour but it got me thinking that perhaps there's an
alternative way to leverage the full power of FBSD and Bastille.

If you look at Dockerfile, they mostly follow the same pattern:
1 - package manager installs
2 - system commands
3 - package, inheritance
4 - repeat
5 - launch entrypoint

The package manager AFAICT are only 3: alpine, debian, red hat
The commands are almost translatable 1:1 to Bastille

So my question is, has anybody thought or have started work on an
Dockerfile interpreter that can build native Bastille/ZFS "images" from a
Dockerfile ?

I think most of the work would be creating and maintaining the package
names and their equivs which for the most part will be very similar to FBSD

Any thoughts?