[Bug 262920] bhyve: "/boot/userboot.so: Undefined symbol "getsecs"

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2022 13:50:55 UTC

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(In reply to Emmanuel Vadot from comment #2)

I don't know to debug this further. 

userboot.so hasn't changed according to cgit since 2019 in

bhyvectl hasn't changed since the beginning of 2019 in

the same goes for bhyve

in 13.0-p6, getsecs isn't present in userboot.so and bhyve works as expected.
Your change to getsecs is the only documented one in the timeframe 13.0 => 13.1

Where else to look?

I'm happy to update sources to latest stable/13 and then removing your change,
enabling WITH_BIND_NOW= in /etc/src then building a new world, kernel and then
rebooting, but I don't know enough about git to cherry-pick to revert just your
change leaving everything else as it is.

If you could tell me how to do this, i'll do it, test then get back to you.

In case it wasn't clear in the initial report, the problem can be sidestepped
by *not* enabling WITH_BIND_NOW in /etc/src.conf and rebuilding.

This might not be an issue with getsecs at all, but solely with WITH_BIND_NOW=
and how it interacts with other libraries.

If it is, I'm happy to make another PR.

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