Re: bhyve NVMe 1.4 support

From: Mario Marietto <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2022 11:17:47 UTC
Just to inform you that I've passed through the M2 disk as a PCI device and
now all the partitions inside the disk are correctly detected by Linux.

Il giorno lun 21 mar 2022 alle ore 00:26 Mario Marietto <> ha scritto:

> if i want to boot any os installed physically on a disk,not matter what,it
> will not boot if i want also pass thru a disk or a graphic card. this is
> the reason why im trying to pass as much as disks i can using the -s slot.
> I see that the usb disks can be passed through using -s with the virtio-blk
> or virtio-scsi driver,but none of these drivers work with the m2 / nvme
> disk.
> Il mar 7 dic 2021, 16:58 Chuck Tuffli <> ha scritto:
>> I've been working on a patch series to get bhyve's NVMe emulation
>> compliant with the v1.4 specification. The compliance tests now pass,
>> and I will work on getting the patches up for review "soon". In the
>> meantime, there is a copy of the full changes if anyone is interested
>> in testing on current or 13-stable.
>> --chuck