Re: Build of 14 on 13 creates a file which needs

From: Pete French <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 12:09:03 UTC
> I don't think I completely understand the procedure you are describing,

Ah, yes, sorry I did miss out a critical bit of what I am doing!

I am compiling on a stable/13 box, and then using NFS to mount /usr/src and
/usr/obj onto the test machine. On that machine I am doing installkernel
and installworld to upgrade it.

> just a note that guessing on the /tmp/legacy/ in path it's a "native"
> tool that runs on build system and was compiled against the libraries on
> the build system (unlike real binaries built against the libraries for
> the target system).

Yes, thast the conclusion I came to. I am also not sure that it ever actually
runs that binary - the failure is right at the start of installworld
where it checks to make sure all the shared libraries are here.

Possibly what I am doing is not supported, but I am a bit surprised as my
usual upgrade procedure is to build on one machine and then either NSF mount,
or rsync, the files to the boxes on which I wish to install them.