Re: Grep with non-ascii

From: Julian H. Stacey <>
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2023 02:24:14 UTC
> The one positive development in the world of computing that I would
> credit to Java is the earliest big push toward the adoption of UTF-8.
> I strongly hope UTF-8 becomes universally used sooner rather than
> later.                                                     -- George

No idea What might be best for Arabic, Greek, Japanese etc: But

For international English (& Italian where English font started)
it's wrong to expect masses of people OK with Ascii, to waste time
extending / learning / configuring tools for un-necessary UTF.

Bad enough were single bytes above 0x7f for European accents (eg
umlauts etc) that ignored conventions eg Ae Oe Ue (& SS = sharf
ess since dumped in .de).  

USD GBP EUR avoid dodgey currency symbols `$` & `#` etc.

UTF & HTML & MIME base 64 make spam filtering via procmail a nightmare.
UTF is a spam indicator, most auto discarded here.

ports/textproc/mgdiff was last to break here,
Umlauts changed to Ascii, better than changing mgdiff.

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