Re: Deprecating ISA sound cards

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2022 21:24:36 UTC
On 2022-03-18 09:08, Ed Maste wrote:
> ISA sound cards have been obsolete for more than a decade, and it is
> (past) time to retire their drivers. This includes the following
> drivers/devices:
> snd_ad1816  Analog Devices AD1816 SoundPort
> snd_ess     Ensoniq ESS
> snd_gusc    Gravis UltraSound
> snd_mss     Microsoft Sound System
> snd_sbc     Creative Sound Blaster
> I have a review open to add deprecation notices:
> I expect to commit this in the near future, then MFC to stable
> branches and remove these drivers from main. Please follow up if
> there's a reason we should postpone the removal of any of these
> drivers.
This only hurts from a nostalgic perspective. Those GUS cards were 
I have a board running freebsd that has 2 GUS cards in it running
simultaneously. Sniff... cést la vié