Re: Baikal Installation Issue

From: Alexander Leidinger <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2023 10:40:02 UTC
Am 2023-09-05 11:14, schrieb Doug Hardie:
>> On Sep 5, 2023, at 02:00, Kurt Jaeger <> wrote:
>>>> Does
>>>> 	/usr/local/www/baikal/config/baikal.yaml
>>>> exist ?
>>> No.  That directory only has a .empty file in it.
>> Then, have a look at the other mail from Ronald. I think you need
>> to create it and add some relevant config.
> Interesting.  I used the file from the web site and that gets around 
> that error.  However, nowhere in any of the instructions did I find 
> anything about that file or that it has to be created.  It is not in 
> the package:
> master# pkg info -l baikal | grep config
> 	/usr/local/www/baikal/Core/Frameworks/BaikalAdmin/config.php
> 	/usr/local/www/baikal/Core/Frameworks/Flake/config.php
> 	/usr/local/www/baikal/config/.empty
> 	/usr/local/www/baikal/vendor/twig/twig/.editorconfig
> Thanks for all the assistance.  Now for some strange reason the web 
> server is not including the REQUEST_URI.  I'll have to investigate that 
> tomorrow.

I tried this recently. The port doesn't chown some directories which are 
supposed to be owned by the webserver. So the ownership of those 
dirs/files is root instead of the typical www user. After "chown -R 
www:www /usr/local/www/baikal/Specific /usr/local/www/baikal/config" the 
web based config generation worked for me.


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