Re: pkg audit

From: Matthew Seaman <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:11:16 UTC
On 25/03/2023 12:18, LuMiWa wrote:
> I did run pkg audit -F today and my question is if is still safe to use
> Internet with all of this vulnerabilities, please? Thank you.

It's not significantly any more safe or unsafe than usual.  Sure there 
are several vulnerabilities affecting you concurrently right now, but 
that's just randomness causing a cluster of events, not an indication of 
an underlying change in the baseline safety / vulnerability levels.

You always need to execrise a modicum of caution when using the 
Internet, of course. But the vulnerabilities you reference , while 
problematic, tend to need specific, fairly unusual, circumstances to 
cause a threat to you, and so probably will not affect you at all. 
Knowing what the prerequisites for vulnerability are should let you 
avoid them quite readily.

In short, there's no cause for alarm.  But be careful and be vigilant, 
(but that advice is no different than at any other time), keep yourself 
informed about what the problems are and update those affected packages 
as soon as fixes are available.