pkg audit

From: LuMiWa <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 12:18:48 UTC

I did run pkg audit -F today and my question is if is still safe to use
Internet with all of this vulnerabilities, please? Thank you.

 pkg audit -F
vulnxml file up-to-date
libXpm-3.5.13 is vulnerable:
  libXpm -- Issues handling XPM files
  CVE: CVE-2022-4883
  CVE: CVE-2022-44617
  CVE: CVE-2022-46285

xorg-server-21.1.4_1,1 is vulnerable:
  xorg-server -- Security issue in the X server
  CVE: CVE-2023-0494

  xorg-server -- Multiple security issues in X server extensions
  CVE: CVE-2022-4283
  CVE: CVE-2022-46344
  CVE: CVE-2022-46343
  CVE: CVE-2022-46342
  CVE: CVE-2022-46341
  CVE: CVE-2022-46340

curl-7.88.1 is vulnerable:
  curl -- multiple vulnerabilities
  CVE: CVE-2023-27538
  CVE: CVE-2023-27537
  CVE: CVE-2023-27536
  CVE: CVE-2023-27535
  CVE: CVE-2023-27534
  CVE: CVE-2023-27533

4 problem(s) in 3 installed package(s) found.

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