Re: Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version has ended...

From: Milan Obuch <>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2022 08:25:10 UTC
On Fri, 02 Sep 2022 10:01:19 +0200
Jan Beich <> wrote:

> Milan Obuch <> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > as I am doing today some maintenance, I am encountering this error.
> > This would not be worth mentioning, it is easily overridable by
> > defining ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_SYSTEM, just I got this error on a
> > 13.1-STABLE systems built relatively recently, one of them is built
> > on June 3, 2022... this is extremely prematurely in my eyes. Note
> > this does not happen on 12.3-STABLE system built on April 10, 2022.
> >  
> Check __FreeBSD_version in /usr/include/sys/param.h or
> /usr/include/osreldate.h If it's lower than 1301000 you've got a
> pilot error.

Thanks. I'll check. And what about 12.3-STABLE? Where is this version
constant defined in ports tree? How can this version be inspected using
just binaries installed?

> > If there really is some important issue in recent 13.1-STABLE
> > system, I think it should be mentioned and announced somewhere.  
> -CURRENT and -STABLE are moving targets, so ports/ only support the
> bleeding edge but not any arbitrarily old snapshot (individual
> maintainers can extend support for a few months but it's not
> required). If you can't upgrade src/ then don't upgrade ports/ or
> *locally* revert breaking changes in either tree until your blockers
> are resolved. Alternatively, -RELEASEs and/or /quarterly have less
> churn.

I know. It was just a bit of surprise it happened on system built just
~ three months old. I am building system using recent src snapshots, so
basically build date is equal date src tree was fetched.

> Note, -STABLE has less QA than -CURRENT by pkg-fallout@. Only
> /quarterly is tested via
> And the recent 13.0
> cleanup (in 2a09e5b4da7c) didn't propagated to /quarterly yet. 

I am using stable/12 and stable/13 branches for src (ok, main for some
kernel development, this is not the case here) and main for ports. So
yes, some problems may occur, but I do not remember anything serious
for years.

Also, I forgot one thing - I use jails to separate various part of the
whole environment, so maintenance is simpler. Probably this has some
connection with problem being observed as occasionally jail version can
be older than host's one, but this is not the case here, I think.
Nevertheless, I'll check this possibility as well.