Re: How to override port Makefile to point to local directory?

From: Pat Maddox <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2022 05:40:07 UTC
On 15 May 2022, at 20:29, Pat Maddox wrote:

> I am writing software that I would eventually like to install on 
> FreeBSD. I'm currently stuck trying to write a Makefile that will 
> point to my local git dir, so I can build and install it while I'm 
> developing. All of the finished Makefiles reference tar packages, 
> which makes sense. But when I'm actively developing, I don't want to 
> commit the code, push it, have it built, update the makefile with the 
> commit, and make.
> Does anyone know of a way to override options to a port's Makefile to 
> point to a local directory on disk? I want to run "sudo make install" 
> and "make package" from my development directory, using the same 
> Makefile that would be in the ports tree.
> Pat

For anyone else interested in this, I finally came up with a really 
clean solution:

     make WRKSRC=$(pwd) USE_GITHUB=no DISTFILES="" -C port

It assumes a really simple USE_GITHUB Makefile (e.g. below).

Here’s the example repo:


     PORTNAME= simple-port-example
     CATEGORIES= devel
     DISTVERSION= 1.0.0


     USE_GITHUB= yes
     GH_ACCOUNT= patmaddox
     GH_PROJECT= simple_port_example

     .include <>