Re: On what days are the git servers available to obtain the ports tree?

From: Daniel Ebdrup Jensen <>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2022 07:19:36 UTC
On Mon, May 02, 2022 at 01:37:47PM -0700, Chris wrote, in part:
>>What I've done in the past when I had trouble cloning the Freebsd-hosted
>>repo is to clone the Github-hosted mirror, and then set the origin to
>>the Freebsd repo.
>I can clone the github hosted mirror && make the changes. But that
>removes the one-true-source factor, adds additional steps to a procedure
>that should "Just Work".
>Which is the real question. Why doesn't it Just Work? Clearly there is 
>a problem
>with the FreeBSD git based system. All of the mailing lists work, I'm 
>on 8 of them.
>All the dist servers work. I can get the dist images w/o any trouble. 
>The online
>man pages work. The web pages work. But the git(1) service(s) don't. 
>Why && shouldn't
>everyone care as to why they don't?
>Thanks again! :-)

Hi folks,

      One potential solution to this would be to use ssh+anongit [1]
      which FreeBSD offers as an alternative to https.
      Incidentally, it's also mentioned as one of the clone URIs at on
      the cgit webUI.

      It can be used as the pull URI for anyone, just like the committer
      repo - but one advantage it has is that things are transferred over
      the sftp protocol if memory serves correctly.
      This means that unlike http(s) which would need pipelining,
      everything is one datastream of TCP packets instead of multiple
      multiple HTTP GET requests.

      It also has the advantage that as more servers are added to the
      FreeBSD CDN, it becomes more geographically distributed without
      giving up the source of truth repo status that most of us also
      want. :)

      I don't pull _as_ often as you, but I can't say that I've ever
      noticed it failing - so maybe it'll work out better?

Daniel Ebdrup Jensen

1: ssh://