Fwd: irc/iroffer-dinoex blocks "make index"

From: Pau Amma <pauamma_at_gundo.com>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2022 04:22:58 UTC
This reminds me: there used to be "INDEX broken" automated notification 
emails I think once or twice a week, but I don't remember seeing any 
in... a year or more, I think. Broken monitoring, no more monitoring, or 
just no INDEX breakage to report?

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Subject: irc/iroffer-dinoex blocks "make index"
Date: 2022-05-08 13:05
 From: Robert Huff <roberthuff@rcn.com>
To: ports@freebsd.org

	[I reported this to the maintainer ... heard nothing ... so I'm
	coming here.]

	For about the last week, irc/iroffer-dinoex failed to "make index",
preventing "pkg version" from generating the list of out-of-date ports.
	The error message is:

--- describe.x11-wm ---
make_index: /usr/ports/irc/iroffer-dinoex: no entry for 

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