Re: unknown flavor py37

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2022 04:42:39 UTC
Sorry, this email was delivered to my junk folder.
I just pulled this up now :)

Chris wrote on 2022/05/28 14:25:
> I just bumped into this problem after checking out a fresh ports tree and building
> a port that dependant on devel/py-doit. It complained much the same as above. required
> my performing the build with:
> So this just seems wrong. python-37 was already installed and is also still present
> in a current version of the ports tree. I know some recent changes were made in ports/Mk
> and I think something may have not been changed correctly.
> Just thought I'd mention it.
> Chris

Some py-* ports may be USES=python:3.8+, so such ports will fail FLAVOR=py37.
devel/py-doit fails because it has USES=python:3.8+.

FLAVOR=py37 of multimedia/openshot
env BUILD_ALL_PYTHON_FLAVORS=1 make -C /usr/ports/multimedia/openshot FLAVOR=py37 build
cannot get to the point of starting the build because devel/py-qt5-pyqt has USES=python:3.8+.