Re: [HEADSUP] Deprecation of the ftp support in pkg

From: Chris <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 08:40:15 UTC
On 2022-01-23 23:06, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Quoting "Patrick M. Hausen" <> (from Sun, 23 Jan 2022  
> 19:19:57 +0100):
>>> Am 22.01.2022 um 09:35 schrieb Chris <>:
>>> I find it's less "housekeeping" to use ftp(1) setup through  inetd(8) for 
>>> pkg repos, than
>>> via ssh.
>> I understand the appeal of FTP.
>> Maybe this discussion is focusing on the wrong topic. Perhaps
>> we should consider including a light weight way to serve HTTP(S)
>> in base? Like Lighttpd, which as far as I know comes with a BSD
>> 3-clause equivalent license.
>> But then the general tendency has been to remove network services
>> from base rather than introduce them. Like e.g. BIND.
>> So I really have no idea what the general opinion is, just wanted
>> to throw in that IMHO HTTPS is the best protocol to the task and
>> if some way to serve that could be included in base, I for one would
>> appreciate that.
> Personally I think that a http(s) server is not needed in base, as  long as 
> we
> don't need it for something in base (and I wouldn't mind if  ftpd would get
> removed from base for the same reason). Installing a  package is easy enough 
> (no
> matter if for http or ftp).
> I think in this thread it was mentioned that someone didn't want to  install 
> 3rd
> party software for this. I still can't wrap my head around  that part...:

It's not the removal from base || adding 3rd party "stuff". It's the removal 
of the
*ability* to *use* ftp(1) as a transport with pkg(8).

>  - we talk about a tool which is used to exclusively install 3rd  party 
> software (pkg)
>  - this tool itself is installed like a 3rd party software  (package/port, 
> the
> system-pkg is only a bootstrap)
>  - and the complete context is serving 3rd party software from a tool  which
> builds 3rd party software locally (poudriere) or at least a  downloaded 
> subset
> from FreeBSD
>  - poudriere is also not in the base system but installed like a 3rd  party 
> software
>  - maintaining a list of software you are interested in (be it for  
> poudriere or
> for automated downloads of FreeBSD packages into a local  repo) seems more 
> effort
> to me, than setting up one more 3rd party  software for local file 
> distribution
> I wanted to propose here to include config snippeds for  apache/nginx/thttp 
> for
> such an use-case to decrease the configuration  burden, but this seems to be
> already the case (at least for  nginx/apache). I can't see within 30sec any 
> docs
> about this in the  poudriere wiki, so maybe adding a prominent pointer to it 
> there
> might  be an improvement?
> Bye,
> Alexander.
-- Chris