Re: firefox-104.0,2 crashing

From: DtxdF <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 19:39:07 UTC

I have had the same problem. The problem is not only with firefox, it is also valid with thunderbird in my experience.

I have debugged a bit using truss(1) and identified that the ~/.Xauthority file and /etc/hosts is the problem. Actually, the problem is firefox and thunderbird, but the initiators are them.

Check what display-names are displayed with `xauth list`. If you see a display name as an invalid host in /etc/hosts, simply remove it with `xauth remove`.

My problem is that I changed the hostname, and it stayed after a firefox upgrade, so I had two entries with an invalid hostname and a valid hostname in .Xauthority.

See also /etc/hosts to see if there is an invalid host or check if you do not have any entries where a host (such as your hostname) is missing.

El 17 de agosto de 2022 4:55:20 p. m. UTC, Nuno Teixeira <> escribió:
>Hello to all,
>Is anyone experience firefox crashes? For a long time that I did not see so
>many crashes.
>It core dumped to firefox.core, can I do something usefull with .core to
>get an ideia of what is causing it?
>"pid 28063 (firefox), jid 0, uid 1001: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)"
>Nuno Teixeira
>FreeBSD Committer (ports)