Re: Quick question about ports and mailing lists

From: Marcel Bischoff <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 08:44:43 UTC
On 22/08/11, Dan Mahoney wrote:
>Sorry, let me be clear. (My original thread had been the meta of "how 
>can one be expected to ask questions of maintainers when...")
>What I'd like from apache24 I'd like to get it so that I can 'pkg install' a version of apache24, and I'd like there to be a pkg of mod_suexec like there are many other modules.
>Right now, enabling suexec is a compile-time thing, you can't just apxs 
>install mod_suexec the way you'd do most other modules.

For the time being you may find success in compiling Apache from source 
with the options set you need and then lock the resulting package. This 
prevents updates of this package.

cd /usr/ports/www/apache24/
make config && make install clean
pkg lock -y apache24

Then you can run "pkg upgrade" without it affecting this package. You 
are responsible for manual updates via compilation though. I'm doing it 
quick and dirty like this for Nginx with the GeoIP option enabled, after 
updating the ports tree:

pkg unlock -y nginx && \
cd /usr/ports/www/nginx && \
make reinstall clean && \
pkg lock -y nginx && \
nginx -t && service nginx restart

If you have many servers to support that all need a certain 
configuration, it may be interesting to look into Poudriere 
( to 
set up a build server. This approach offers you fine-grained control 
over the ports tree(s) and resulting packages, but you will need to 
build all of them yourself in one place. You don't need to build the 
entire tree, you can list only the ones you need.

Note that there are packages which will absolutely thrash a build server 
and may fail when not given enough resources, like lang/rust.