Re: Quick question about ports and mailing lists

From: Dan Mahoney <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 02:10:14 UTC

> On Aug 11, 2022, at 21:55, The Doctor <> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 06:49:17PM -0700, Dan Mahoney (Gushi) wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I had an apache question.  (For those who care, I want to see if it's
>> possible to get suexec support in the FreeBSD apache24 port, while leaving
>> the mod_suexec module and the SUID suexec binary separate, installable 
>> items.
>> I looked at the maintainer on freshports, it's, so I
>> directed my question there.
>> ..and got a reject from the mailing list...
>> I had no way of knowing it's a subscriber-only list, nor did the reject
>> message tell me how to JOIN that list.  I suppose figuring that out is my
>> next step, but in the mean time, the meta question:
>> Should users be expected to know which maintainers are lists which must be
>> joined before asking questions, and which maintainers are simply open to
>> questions?  Should there be some separate maintainer flag that specifies
>> this?
> Suexec should work just like any other apache platform.

Sorry, let me be clear. (My original thread had been the meta of "how can one be expected to ask questions of maintainers when...")  

What I'd like from apache24 I'd like to get it so that I can 'pkg install' a version of apache24, and I'd like there to be a pkg of mod_suexec like there are many other modules.

Right now, enabling suexec is a compile-time thing, you can't just apxs install mod_suexec the way you'd do most other modules.

What I'd like to see is those options set by default, since they're otherwise harmless if you don't have the suexec module *and* some suexec config (in apache 1.3 land, there was no config, having the suexec binary present enabled the feature -- in apache 2.x, any config that affects this module has its own language).

I'm trying not to have to install most of my stuff from pkg, but have to use port (and track the quarterly ports tree, which portsnap can't do) just to maintain apache.


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