Re: Why NOARCH packages aren't available on all architectures?

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 07:16:07 UTC
Yuri wrote on 2022/08/05 14:58:
> On 8/4/22 20:37, Tatsuki Makino wrote:
>> It seems to require cmake and ninja.
> This shouldn't affect NOARCH packages. Once such package is built on one architecture it should be promoted to all architectures, even to ones where some build dependencies might not be available.

Hmmm, this is about poudriere behavior.
The latest cmake for FreeBSD:13:armv6 is out of version.
It is likely that this has not yet reached the cmake build, and I guess that the xsimd build will come even later.
If for some reason the cmake build fails, xsimd will skip the build.
The latest ninja for FreeBSD:13:armv6 seems fine.

I am not certain because I have rarely had skipping occur in my poudriere, but I think that the skipped package will not exist in the repository.

>> My internet connection is not set up to see the official poudriere logs, though:)
> All connections are capable to see these logs.
> You need to:
> * sudo pkg add tor && sudo service tor onestart
> * add the Proxy add-on to your browser
> * setup the Proxy add-on to use Tor through localhost:9050
> After this you would be able to see all IPv6 sites.

Thank you for the explanation of other ways to reach IPv6.
I have had an native IPv6 line for 5 years. However, I have not used it until now because it is a hassle to configure ipfw for it :)