Re: Chromium and Iridium consistently not building for 123amd64 latest

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 06:57:20 UTC
On 2022-04-25 17:16, Pau Amma wrote:
> On 2022-04-24 09:57, Rene Ladan wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 11:38:36PM +0000, Pau Amma wrote:
>>> That doesn't really help me figure out how to help either Iridium or
>>> Chromium (I don't need both, and if I get to choose, I'll choose
>>> Iridium) get a 123amd64 package.
>> Perhaps it are buid timeouts causing this, it builds 12.3 builds fine
>> in poudriere on my quadcore 2015 laptop (I tested the upcoming
>> Chromium 101 on 12.3-i386 quarterly yesterday).
> So what can I do, given that running a local poudriere isn't an option for 
> me and
> I don't want to go down the rabbit hole of building individual ports? Wait 
> and
> hope that it will get in under the deadline soon?
The ports tree is hardly a rabbit hole, even if you're mixing it with 
packages. If
all you're doing is building Iridium or Chromium. As you'll likely already 
have most
of the "depends" already installed.