Re: Some ports tree policy changes

From: Baptiste Daroussin <>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 10:49:07 UTC

Le 24 avril 2022 11:45:55 GMT+02:00, Rene Ladan <> a écrit :
>portmgr discussed releasing a lot of files in Mk/ to the general public (i.e.
>you) a few weeks ago. This is to encourage people to work on this kind of
>infrastructure, make it less exclusive to portmgr and perhaps make it feel
>less scary. The first change,, has just been
>committed as
>Documentation on these infrastructure files might be lacking somewhat at the
>moment. This documentation should describe the rationale and possible pitfalls.
>Portmgr is looking for a way to do this properly.
>Portmgr does reserve the right to revert commits in case too much things break
>with a commit to Mk/ . Things that could be worked on are:
>- converting Mk/ to USES=X
>- adding more triggers to prevent duplicated actions while (de)installing or
>  upgrading multiple packages at once
>- <your idea here>
>René on behalf of portmgr

To complement it is still stronglh recommended to seek for review by portmgr and request for exp-run for such changes.

Best regards