Some ports tree policy changes

From: Rene Ladan <>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 09:45:55 UTC

portmgr discussed releasing a lot of files in Mk/ to the general public (i.e.
you) a few weeks ago. This is to encourage people to work on this kind of
infrastructure, make it less exclusive to portmgr and perhaps make it feel
less scary. The first change,, has just been
committed as

Documentation on these infrastructure files might be lacking somewhat at the
moment. This documentation should describe the rationale and possible pitfalls.
Portmgr is looking for a way to do this properly.

Portmgr does reserve the right to revert commits in case too much things break
with a commit to Mk/ . Things that could be worked on are:
- converting Mk/ to USES=X
- adding more triggers to prevent duplicated actions while (de)installing or
  upgrading multiple packages at once
- <your idea here>

René on behalf of portmgr