Re: Adding CPE information

From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 13:24:18 UTC
On 14/10/21 13:07, Yasuhiro Kimura wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems recently some committers are working to add CPE information
> to many ports. I don't know why it started. But if it is intended to
> add CPE information to all (or most of ) ports, isn't it better to
> modify ports framework so CPE intormation is added to each ports by
> default?

AFAIK that's already in the tree. The framework tries to extrapolate CPE 
information from PORTNAME and other variables.

Unluckily most of the time it is actually impossible to get correct 
information and some other variables with the correct details, which are 
not necessarily logical or in any way connected with the information 
already present) need to be added by hand after manual discovery.

Guido Falsi <>