Re: Problem building py-cryptography

From: Simon Wright <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 07:23:21 UTC
On 23/05/2021 10:14 am, Charlie Li wrote:
> Simon Wright wrote:
>> OK, I can do that though it will take a day or two to rebuild
>> everything. These are my ssl settings in the two active make.conf for
>> poudriere. What would you advise to set there in order to only use
>> openssl from base? Or conversely to only use libressl - which is my
>> preferred option if/when it builds everything I need?
>  From Mk/
> # Possible values: base, openssl, libressl, libressl-devel
> Pick one of them and put it in DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=${whatever}. base
> uses OpenSSL from the base system, openssl uses security/openssl,
> libressl uses security/libressl and libressl-devel uses
> security/libressl-devel. Note that all except one are ports.
> If you decide to change to another *port* option while you have a pkg
> repository with built packages, the rebuild will automatically trigger
> since a "new" dependency gets detected. However, when switching from a
> port to base, it appears that a dependency is removed. This is why you
> cannot mix and match options like you did, especially in a panic.

Got it, thank you for the explanation Charlie. I've switched to openssl,
deleted all packages and am rebuilding everything now. All ports so far
including py-cryptography (the original issue port) has built
successfully though there are two-thirds still to build.

Thanks again to all who helped :).