inject IGNORE_OSVERSION in poudriere?

From: Ronald Klop <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:07:03 UTC

To save time I sometimes get pkgs from the official pkg builders and save them in the poudriere dir.
But now and then I get this:

[00:00:47] ===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/llvm11-11.0.1.txz
[00:00:48] [freebsd14-custom-job-01] Installing llvm11-11.0.1...
[00:00:48] Newer FreeBSD version for package llvm11:
[00:00:48] To ignore this error set IGNORE_OSVERSION=yes
[00:00:48] - package: 1400025
[00:00:48] - running kernel: 1400024
[00:00:48] Ignore the mismatch and continue? [y/N]: 
[00:00:49] Failed to install the following 1 package(s): /packages/All/llvm11-11.0.1.txz
[00:00:49] *** Error code 1

Normally I delete/create the poudriere jail, but the upstream world used by poudriere is not new enough yet.

How can I set IGNORE_OSVERSION=yes in the poudriere environment?