Re: Supply difficult to build assets as an extra distfile?

From: Steve Wills <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2021 09:44:55 UTC

On 7/6/21 6:32 PM, Robert Clausecker wrote:
> Greetings!
> As requested on reddit [1], I would like to make a port for WriteFreely [2],
> a "publishing platform for writers."  While the project itself is an easily
> ported Go program, it requires assets to be generated using a Node.js tool
> as a part of the build.  [3] Unfortunately that means having to wrangle with NPM
> to get the code generated in a fixed version and that seems very hard.
> Would it be acceptable to generate these assets on my machine and roll them
> into a distfile so the port can be built without involving any NPM shenanigans?
> I would add a makefile target to generate said distfile so committers can
> audit that the distfile has been generated correctly.

I think that's fine, I do something similar with security/vault.