[Bug 261859] net-mgmt/unpoller: Collect unifi controller data (update MOVED for net-mgmt/unifi-poller)

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Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2023 17:32:22 UTC

Robert Clausecker <fuz@FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Robert Clausecker <fuz@FreeBSD.org> ---
Thank you for your submission.  I'm sorry this took so long to be processed. 
Here is some feedback on your submission:

 - it would be better to submit a separate port for md2roff and have it be a
   BUILD_DEPENDS.  However, the current approach is ok, although it is unusual.
 - check if you can use the GO_MODULE mechanism and have the Go tooling
   the dependencies automatically instead of manually listing all tuples.
   This is much easier to maintain in the long run.
 - please remove the "# Created by" comment.  These have been removed from the
   tree.  New "Created by" headers will not be accepted.
 - the rc.d script must be designed such that it can cope with whatever PREFIX
   the user installs the package into.  This is usually achieved through use of 
   the SUB_FILES mechanism, see USE_RC_SUBR in the Porter's Handbook.
   Please check that the rc.d script obeys PREFIX, USERS, and GROUPS.  There's
   also a special rule with respect to installation directory for these, so
   sure to do it properly.
 - instead of matching against DOCS in do-install, move the installation steps
   for documentation into do-install-DOCS-on.
 - please remove "WWW:" from pkg-descr and put it into the new WWW variable in
   the Makefile.  This is a recent change in the ports infrastructure.
 - please then extend pkg-descr to at least three lines.
 - you seem to be installing the sample configuration twice.  Once is enough.
 - please set LICENSE_FILE if possible.

Please check these issues and resubmit.

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