[Bug 273219] math/openblas: update to 0.3.24

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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2023 14:15:22 UTC

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update to 0.3.25

I have created the update to v0.3.25 including the workaround of OpenMP runtime
related problem. I could not reproduce the octave-related and ARM
architecture-related problem, so could you carefully do exp-run please?

> That means that we already have a problem ATM with OpenBLAS and Julia. I have not [yet?] found the cause of this error, but the part "From worker 7" suggests something wrong with multi-threading…
Thank you very much for investigating that problem. However I'm sorry, at least
partially, I think it is not openblas problem but julia porting.
This error should be fixed and...
> From worker 7:    Error: no BLAS/LAPACK library loaded!
the following error disappears when I remove the ports patch
>  Expression: BLAS.get_num_threads() === 1
>   Evaluated: 8 === 1
That patch seems to remove lbt_set_num_threads function call, so set / get
number of threads unit test fail...

Thanks in advance!

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