[Bug 265308] net/linphone 4.4.8,1 segfaults on startup

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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2022 11:52:08 UTC

            Bug ID: 265308
           Summary: net/linphone 4.4.8,1 segfaults on startup
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Many People
          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: p5B2EA84B3@t-online.de
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poudriere build log file

Having built net/linphone 4.4.8,1 I saw both are dependencies:

Trying to run the newly built version starts like this and segfaults:

[13:36:50:155][0x20aa9748][Info]"Starting Linphone (bin: linphone)"
[13:36:50:155][0x20aa9748][Info]"Use locale: de_DE"
[13:36:50:230][0x20aa9748][Info]Available fonts :  ("Adobe Courier", "Adobe
Helvetica", "Adobe New Century Schoolbook", "Adobe Times", "Adobe Utopia",
"Andale Mono", "Arabic Newspaper", "Arial", "Arial Black", "B&H Lucida", "B&H
LucidaBright", "B&H LucidaTypewriter", "Bitstream Charter", "Bitstream
Terminal", "Caladea", "Carlito", "Comic Sans MS", "Courier", "Courier 10
Pitch", "Courier New", "Cursor", "cursor.pcf", "DEC Terminal", "deccurs.pcf",
"decsess.pcf", "DejaVu Math TeX Gyre", "DejaVu Sans", "DejaVu Sans Condensed",
"DejaVu Sans Mono", "DejaVu Serif", "DejaVu Serif Condensed", "East Syriac
Adiabene", "East Syriac Ctesiphon", "Estrangelo Antioch", "Estrangelo Edessa",
"Estrangelo Midyat", "Estrangelo Nisibin", "Estrangelo Nisibin Outline",
"Estrangelo Quenneshrin", "Estrangelo Talada", "Estrangelo TurAbdin", "Gentium
Basic", "Gentium Book Basic", "Georgia", "Goha-Tibeb Zemen", "Impact",
"Liberation Mono", "Liberation Sans", "Liberation Serif", "Linux Biolinum G",
"Linux Libertine Display G", "Linux Libertine G", "Luxi Mono [b&h]", "Luxi Mono
[B&H ]", "Luxi Sans [b&h]", "Luxi Sans [B&H ]", "Luxi Serif [B&H ]", "Luxi
Serif [b&h]", "micro.pcf", "Misc Fixed", "Misc Fixed Wide", "Monospace", "MUTT
ClearlyU Alternate Glyphs Wide", "MUTT ClearlyU PUA", "MUTT ClearlyU Wide",
"Noto Sans", "Noto Sans UI", "Sans Serif", "Schumacher Clean", "Schumacher
Clean Wide", "Serif", "Serto Batnan", "Serto Jerusalem", "Serto Jerusalem
Outline", "Serto Kharput", "Serto Malankara", "Serto Mardin", "Serto Urhoy",
"Sony Fixed", "Times New Roman", "Trebuchet MS", "Twitter Color Emoji",
"Utopia", "Verdana", "Webdings")
[13:36:50:230][0x20aa9748][Info]"Running app..."
[13:36:50:330][0x20aa9748][Info]"Activated selectors:" ("custom", "de_DE",
"unix", "freebsd", "freebsd")
[13:36:50:331][0x20aa9748][Info]"Registering types..."
[13:36:50:332][0x20aa9748][Info]"Registering shared types..."
[13:36:50:332][0x20aa9748][Info]"Registering tool types..."
[13:36:50:332][0x20aa9748][Info]"Registering shared tool types..."
[13:36:50:573][0x20aa9748][Info]"Loading main view..."
[13:36:50:870][0x20aa9748][Info]"Launch async core creation."
[13:36:50:930][0x20aa9748][Info]Core is starting  "Starting up"
[13:36:50:957][0x20aa9748][Info]Core is running  "On"
[13:36:50:957][0x20aa9748][Info]"Set `Friends` path:
[13:36:50:961][0x20aa9748][Info]"Set `CallLogs` path:
[13:36:50:962][0x20aa9748][Info]Using ZrtpSecrets path : 
[13:36:50:962][0x20aa9748][Info]Using UserCertificate path : 
[13:36:50:962][0x20aa9748][Info]Using RootCa path : 
[13:36:50:962][0x20aa9748][Info]"Start iterate"
[13:36:50:965][0x20aa9748][Info]Sip addresses model from Chats : 0 ms.
[13:36:50:965][0x20aa9748][Info]Sip addresses model from Calls : 0 ms.
[13:36:50:965][0x20aa9748][Info]Sip addresses model from Refs : 0 ms.
[13:36:50:965][0x20aa9748][Info]Sip addresses model from Contacts : 0 ms.
[13:36:50:965][0x20aa9748][Info]Sip addresses model initialized in: 0 ms.
[13:36:50:988][0x20aa9748][Info]"Notify event count: 0."
[13:36:50:988][0x20aa9748][Info]"Notify event count: 0."
[13:36:50:988][0x20aa9748][Info]"Migrate from old rc file (0 to 3)."
[13:36:50:988][0x20aa9748][Info]"CoreManager initialized"
[13:36:51:062][0x20aa9748][Debug]"Unable to find a translation.
(context=Timeline, label=timelineFilterConferences, disambiguation=)"
[13:36:51:265][0x20aa9748][Debug]"Unable to find a translation.
(context=Timeline, label=timelineFilterAnyEphemerals, disambiguation=)"
[13:36:51:266][0x20aa9748][Debug]"Unable to find a translation.
(context=Timeline, label=timelineFilterAnyEphemerals, disambiguation=)"
[13:36:51:267][0x20aa9748][Debug]"Unable to find a translation.
(context=Timeline, label=timelineFilterAnyChatRooms, disambiguation=)"

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