[Bug 263159] [NEW PORT] games/solver Math quiz game

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 15:14:43 UTC

--- Comment #4 from modex@danwin1210.de ---

I suppose this is your project.

- Correct. My info should be in the Makefile, thought please let me know if it
is incorrect.

Please consider fixing the git repository so it actually contains the source
files, not an archive of them.  Then tag a release and use USE_GITHUB to
specify the master site.

- Ok, understood.

As for LIB_DEPENDS, why do you use ?= ?  Is there any particular reason?

- No particular reason. Do you suggest I change this or does this matter?

The SETUID logic is not going to work the way you envision it; setuid bits must
be specified in the plist.  Instead use the pattern found in sysutils/cdrtools
for this purpose.

- I am using it in the same manner as another port:
The port also uses svgalib. I see the SETUID in cdrtools and can make that

Why do you need Setuid functionality anyway?  In any way, ports that setuid
have to be treated with care as they are a potential security risk.
- It is the nature of svgalib. For a non-root user to use an svgalib
application this must be set.

Make sure to consistently use ${...} instead of $(...) in the port Makefile.
- Understood. I can make this change. I see where i have (CC) and such.

Your distribution file seems to have no top level directory.  Use NO_WRKSUBDIR
to have the ports system create one for you.  Do not set WRKSRC in this case
and change your do-build and do-install targets to take source files from
- I will give this a shot as well and re-upload the shar with the changes.
Thank you.

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