[Bug 259005] Mk/Scripts/qa.sh: Spurious SONAME warnings due to pipefail

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 00:48:00 UTC

--- Comment #2 from Tatsuki Makino <tatsuki_makino@hotmail.com> ---
readelf -d /usr/local/lib/libwx_gtk3u_core-3.1.so.5.0.0 | grep -q SONAME
 is not reproduced every time for some reason.

sync ; readelf -d /usr/local/lib/libwx_gtk3u_core-3.1.so.5.0.0 | grep -q SONAME
 increases the rate of reproduction.

readelf -d /usr/local/lib/libwx_gtk3u_core-3.1.so.5.0.0 | stdbuf -i 0 grep -q
 seems to be one of the workarounds.

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