[Bug 256221] dns/knot-resolver: the kresd init script won't stop the service

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 13:34:03 +0000

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knot-resolver fixes and cleanup

`daemon` seems needed as otherwise I can't get it to background,
at least not in a way that I think is decent.

About the most recent patch:

- The printf in the 'for pid loop' was inside the loop, being a bit too

- The install of the possible missing var dir was inside the if/elif/else loop;
 and then start still would fail in that particular case.

- I simplified the restart routine but then discovered it all was identical to
what was inside start/stop already, and so I don't think a restart routine is
needed (as restart will work without having a custom one defined).

- I do share the thoughts about using "ps | grep | etc" for finding pid's.
And do share the view something is better than nothing.

poudriere complained about _at_sample / .sample

portfmt complained about all sorts of minor things.
Fixed a few.

IMHO this patch should be fine, but gladly welcome any major or nitpick

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