[Bug 250335] ports-mgmt/portmaster: tries to build devel/git_at_lite even if devel/git@default is already installed

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Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 13:28:19 +0000

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Patch to make conflicts check not ignore same origin packages

Another comment regarding the root cause of this issue:

CONFLICTS_INSTALL is treated differently in bsd.port.mk and by the pkg command.

In bsd.port.mk no output is generated by "make check-install-conflicts" for
conflicting packages, if the origin is the same. This is despite all other
variants than for the currently built FLAVOR are listed in the
*_INSTALL_CONFLICTS variables for each FLAVOR.

And since "git" and "git-lite" both have the same origin, "make
check-install-conflicts" does not list them as conflicting.

The pkg command does not care for the origin, and it detects the conflict.

IMHO, the test in bsd.port.mk should be aligned with the one in the pkg command
to give an early indication of the conflict that else will only be detected
during the install phase.

The attached patch does only remove the comparison with $orgn - a more complete
patch would remove %o from the pkg query string and orgn from the while loop.
This patch is only meant to demonstrate the effect on the output of "make
check-install-conflicts" and to show that it fixes the issue reported in this

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