[Bug 257229] net-mgmt/wifimgr with multiple Wi-Fi interfaces

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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 08:53:47 +0000

--- Comment #19 from J.R. Oldroyd <fbsd_at_opal.com> ---
>From what you've posted, when you run wifimgr, I have understood that it needs
two clicks of the WiFi Up/Down button before you see the list of networks and,
I guess, you expect one click?  Or no clicks?

Could you be ending up with a situation where the system configures interfaces
as up (but not associated) when wifimgr is started and no network scan is yet

You could check that by running:
        ifconfig wlanN list scan
before starting wifimgr.  wifimgr runs that same command on all interfaces that
are up when it starts.  If no interface has yet done a scan and so "ifconfig
list scan" shows nothing, wifimgr will also show nothing when it starts.  If at
least one interface is up (even if not associated) wifimgr will show the blue
icon.  It will then take two clicks of the Up/Down button to (1) turn off the
interfaces then (2) turn them back on and read their scans.

Similarly, if one interface does have scan results but the other doesn't yet
(e.g., because it hasn't scanned or because it is down), it will also take two
clicks to turn everything off then to turn everything on again in order to get
both interfaces' scans.

If you're seeing something else happening and I haven't got it right, at this
stage, what might be useful for me is a repeat-by, possibly starting from boot,
along the lines of:

        system with N built-in wlan if's, N plugin-able if's
        grep wlan /etc/rc.conf | grep -v \#
        saw that xyz happened
        expected that pqr happened instead
        inserted plugin interface
        saw that xyz happened
        expected that pqr happened instead
        ran wifimgr     
        saw that xyz happened
        expected that pqr happened instead

adjusted, of course, for whatever sequence is appropriate.

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