Re: Performance of PPPOE in FreeBSD

From: Evilham <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 07:48:50 UTC
On dl., set. 20 2021, wrote:

> Hi net mailing list,
> Currently at my parrents house we have just a cable modem where 
> I use DHCPv6
> and DHCP to get a IPv6 prefix and IPv4 address respectivelly.
> For this config everything is done in the kernel regarding 
> routing. The ISP
> is Telenet and they give me 300 down / 20 up (mbps).
> But I really want a higher upload in my future appartment where 
> I will be
> moving is *soonTm*.
> So looking for ISP's in Belgium, Proximus seems to provide a 
> fibre plan (if
> fibre is available, but it should be) that does 500 down / 50 up 
> (mbps).
> They use PPPOE and was wondering what the max troughput looks 
> like with the
> in-base PPPOE client?
> I have also found some mentions of net/mpd5, is this a better
> implementation?
> Thanks
> Dries

I wrote my experience with PPPoE for a dual-stack FreeBSD router 
back in very late 2019 here: it might save 
you some trouble.

Not much has changed since I wrote that, just as others mentioned: 
mpd5 is kind of a must, performance gets much better just by using 
mpd5. FWIW my home fiber runs at 600Mbps without any issues (only 
limited by the wholesale provider).