Performance of PPPOE in FreeBSD

From: <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 19:32:22 UTC
Hi net mailing list,


Currently at my parrents house we have just a cable modem where I use DHCPv6
and DHCP to get a IPv6 prefix and IPv4 address respectivelly.

For this config everything is done in the kernel regarding routing. The ISP
is Telenet and they give me 300 down / 20 up (mbps).


But I really want a higher upload in my future appartment where I will be
moving is *soonTm*.

So looking for ISP's in Belgium, Proximus seems to provide a fibre plan (if
fibre is available, but it should be) that does 500 down / 50 up (mbps). 

They use PPPOE and was wondering what the max troughput looks like with the
in-base PPPOE client?

I have also found some mentions of net/mpd5, is this a better