Re: Only root can access a fusefs mount in a jail?

From: David Schlachter <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 10:34:22 -0400
Found the solution — it wasn't a jail-specific issue. Fusefs mounts are
restricted to the user who mounted them, unless the 'allow_other' flag is
set on the mount. So, for another user to access root's fusefs mount, it
can be mounted as follows:

# sshfs -o uid=1001,gid=1001,allow_other user_at_server.tld: /mnt


Le ven. 18 juin 2021, à 09 h 00, David Schlachter <> a
écrit :

> Thanks for your reply! In my jail, root is able to mount a fuse device. If
> the permissions on the mounted device (and its contents) are 0777, I expect
> that all other users in the jail should be able to view the contents of the
> mount (e.g. cd in to the mount, ls the files, etc). However, even though
> the device is mounted and the permissions should allow all other users to
> access the mount, only root can actually access it. I want root to be able
> to mount the device, and all other users to access it.
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