Re: Only root can access a fusefs mount in a jail?

From: David Schlachter <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:00:31 UTC
Le ven. 18 juin 2021, à 07 h 00, Crest <> a écrit :

> To mount a FUSE file system you need write access to the fuse device and
> the permission to mount a file system. The first is controlled by
> permissions on the fuse device(s) the second is controlled through the
> vfs.usermount sysctl. By default only root is allowed to mount file
> systems.

Thanks for your reply! In my jail, root is able to mount a fuse device. If
the permissions on the mounted device (and its contents) are 0777, I expect
that all other users in the jail should be able to view the contents of the
mount (e.g. cd in to the mount, ls the files, etc). However, even though
the device is mounted and the permissions should allow all other users to
access the mount, only root can actually access it. I want root to be able
to mount the device, and all other users to access it.