Re: FreeBSD boot problem with Intel Atom C5000 Parker Ridge

From: Frank Leonhardt <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2023 15:01:27 UTC
On 11/10/2023 15:54, Jan Bramkamp wrote:
> On 28.07.23 11:31, Thomas Niedermeier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm writing you about some issue I had while testing a Atom SoC Board.
>> It is equipped with the new generation Intel C5000 Parker Ridge series.
>> In this specific case the Intel Atom Processor C5315.

A long shot but I had similar weirdness with a number of Celeron based 
micro-servers. They just stopped mysteriously during the boot if there 
was a keyboard plugged in to the USB - and IIRC - any other USB device. 
This was, I think, on just one hub. The workaround was to unplug 
everything, boot, and then plug it back in.

Old hardware. Old version of FreeBSD. Never found the exact cause. But 
worth a try?