Re: timeouts on USB ISP programmer

From: Tomek CEDRO <>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2022 21:59:02 UTC
On Sun, Apr 10, 2022 at 10:46 PM Axel Rau <> wrote:
> root@home2l:~ # avrdude -c stk500v2 -p t85 -vvv -t -P usb
> avrdude: Version 6.4
>          Copyright (c) Brian Dean,
>          Copyright (c) Joerg Wunsch
>          System wide configuration file is "/usr/local/etc/avrdude.conf"
>          User configuration file is "/root/.avrduderc"
>          User configuration file does not exist or is not a regular file, skipping
>          Using Port                    : usb
>          Using Programmer              : stk500v2
> avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" (0x03eb:0x2104)

Okay, your local `~/.avrduderc` configuration needs an update. Remove
all from file and put only this:

default_programmer = "diamex-avr-usb";
  id    = "diamex-avr-usb";
  desc  = "Diamex AVR USB Programmer";
  type  =  "stk500v2";
  connection_type = usb;
  usbvid     = 0x16c0;
  usbpid     = 0x2a9b;

Then run:

avrdude -c diamex-avr-usb -p t85 -vvv -t

Configuration will define a new Programmer, that is STK500v2
compatible (not FT2232), will provide VID:PID pair, and will tell to
use USB connection as default :-)

Because default_programmer is set to diamex-avr-usb it may not be even
necessary to provide `-c diamex-avr-usb` just `avrdude -p t85 -t` :-)