Re: timeouts on USB ISP programmer

From: Tomek CEDRO <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 18:20:18 UTC
I have reported an issue on avrdude github project, hope they give us
some hints and we all make our devices operational on FreeBSD :-)

Regarding Diamex interface I would try one after another from the list
of `-c "?"` until one of them works, then configuration file can be
created. If none of them works then a configuration needs to be
created from scratch based on existing configuration files. I guess
this should be in the vendor interest to have that configuration
working out of the box :-)

Regarding FT2232H chip I have used that one long ago (~10 years) and
created driver for first implementations of SWD for ARM-Cortex devices
(under LibSWD project). I even created SPI interface on that chip. I
was using KT-LINK interface. FT2232H has two channels, can be used for
UART or serial/parallel bitbang. It uses sort of commands to
read/write GPIO ports. Technical specification is here: